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nsTIS™ - Online Booking System

nsTIS online booking engines and destination information system for online travel agencies and b2b companies

nsTIS™- IBE  is an integrated online booking system and marketing of tourism products. By integrating modern marketing practices, nsTIS™- IBE is a leading tool for supporting every Online Travel Agency and Tour Operators, as well as destination marketing organizations.

nsTIS™- IBE  consists of the following subsystems:

The online booking engines subsystem with Β2Β, B2E (Business to Employee) and B2C functionality.

The destination marketing subsystem (Destination Information System).

It can be combined with nsHUB™ for:

Collection of tourism products from XML suppliers or channel managers and distribution to third party distribution channels (XML API).

Transparent communication with nsTravel™ Back office and CRM software system.

nsTIS™ Online Booking System

The nsTIS™ Online Booking System consists of appropriately configured mechanisms per tourism product category, aiming to support online reservations. By automating the entire management chain towards the B2B and the Β2C clientele, it becomes a valuable tool that increases sales and reduces operational costs when combined with nsTravel™ (Back office).

This subsystem supports the following tourism products categories:

Scheduled Flights
Charter Flights
Rent a Car
Holiday Packages

The nsTIS™ online booking system includes various features :

It can be used both for B2B and B2C sales.

Every online booking engine handles the static data of each product category for efficiently presenting and marketing the products.

It supports multilingual static data and various currencies.

For every product category there is a flexible pricing model according to customer category.

For every product category a flexible cancelation policy is supported.

Various payment methods are supported like: on credit, credit card, wire transfer, cash.

There is a basket mechanism for implementing dynamic packaging.

Support of cancelation and amendments.

Automated voucher creation and transmission to the customers and suppliers.

Credit limit support.

Connection with the questionnaire mechanism of nsTravel-CRM.

Every booking is transparently placed in the nsTravel - ERP and is ready for invoicing and handling.

The nsTIS™ Online Booking System addresses tourism organizations that wish to make their products available online, taking advantage of the industry’s trends for the presence of Online Travel Agencies.

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nsTIS™ Destination Information System (DIS)

The nsTIS™ Destination Information System is a content management system for both the internet and the mobile platform which aims to present holiday destinations. The presentation of each destination is done through rich multimedia content as well as geographic platforms. The content is structured in thematic categories and includes sections for the presentation of the destinations’ points of interest.

The nsTIS™ Destination Information System consists of the following mechanisms:

Content management for destinations.

Content management for thematic categories. The data of the thematic categories are directly linked to the destination’s data.

Management of reviews, comments and audio/video material.

Banners management.

The nsTIS™ Destination Information System addresses tourism organizations and organizations for destination marketing and promotion and it’s the ideal solution for displaying a certain location’s tourism product, aiming to provide customized information and increase customer satisfaction.

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