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nsTravel™ ERP – backoffice – accounting software for travel agencies

nsTravel ERP backoffice and accounting software system for travel agencies

nsTravel™ is an ERP software system (Enterprise Resource Planning) specially designed and optimized for the travel agents and tour operators. It contains all the necessary modules for managing the basic resources of a company like:

Transactors: customers, suppliers, debtors, creditors, hoteliers, carriers etc.

Products: parameterization of all the products and services that can be exchanged in the travel industry, either individually or in the form of packages.

Cash and cash equivalents, checks, treasuries, etc.

nsTravel™ is a modular system and features various business flows for automating the commercial operations of many kinds of companies in the travel industry like incoming travel agency, outgoing travel agency, tour operators, OTAs and bus companies.

It fits to the size of each company and features:



Advanced security options

Multiple branches, currencies & languages

It is based on cutting edge technology and follows the n-tier object oriented architecture. It uses the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server and .Net Framework.

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nsTravel™ - ERP software system features also an integrated accounting platform for travel and tourism companies. The accounting subsystem is directly linked with the commercial management modules through advanced parameterization options which can be set according to the workflow and preferences of each company.

The accounting and financial subsystem of nsTravel™ - ERP software system includes:

  • General ledger
  • Cost – profit centers
  • Fixed assets
  • Computerized checks
  • Budget and P&L
  • Open items and aging analysis
  • Payment and receipt proposal

nsTravel™ accounting subsystem:

nsTravel™ accounting subsystem features specialized control reports which point out the source of any difference between the commercial and financial subsystems and isolating any mistake that may arise due to human factor in the daily operation of the company.

nsCRM™ is a Customer Relationship Management software system designed and optimized for the travel and tourism industry. It features the necessary modules for:

  • Customer & Leads Management
  • Customer’s profile creation & segmentation
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Ability to create lists based on nsTravel & nsCRM data or from third party sources
  • Quotation mechanism
  • Actions scheduling and management (individual - corporate calendar)
  • Service request and complaint management
  • Loyalty Programs Management
  • Creation and execution of market research and customer satisfaction surveys through designated questionnaires
  • CRM Analytics

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