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Incoming Travel Agencies / DMCs

For incoming travel agents and destination management companies, NetSemantics has created an integrated software platform nsTravel™ ERP & CRM + nsHub™ + nsTIS™ Booking Engines & mobile for automating the Backoffice operations and the electronic distribution of the tourism products.

The automation of business processes that is achieved through the unified platform has as purpose:

  • The reduction of the operational costs.
  • The increase of sales.
  • The automation of the daily work of the staff.
  • The better coordination of the departments.
  • The more effective information of the management, for taking the right decisions at the right time.
  1. nsTravel™ – ERP (Backoffice)

    • Products & Services parameterization
    • Accounts Management
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Purchase / Sales Price Catalogs
    • Reservation import & management
    • Contracting – Room Management
    • Traffic Management
    • Local Excursion Management
    • Sales Invoices
    • Purchase Invoices & Cost Control
    • Financial Funds

      • Checks
      • Treasury Management
      • Bank Management
      • Credit Card Reconciliation
    • General Ledger
    • Cost Centers
    • Fixed Assets
    • Automated Issue of Checks
    • Receipts – Payments proposal
    • Open Items monitoring
    • M.I.S.

    Through the above modules the Incoming travel agents and DMCs ensure:

    • Registration of purchase and sales room contracts along with the creation of room stock, with automatic allocation during the registration of the booking and simultaneous inform of the user if there are available rooms or not.
    • Graphical Plan of Reservations, in which the hotel rooms are booked, along with the on request reservations, giving the user the ability to place them (by drag and drop functionality) in available rooms, updating automatically the relative reservations.
    • Management of bookings for FIT and Groups
    • Advanced management of the daily program of arrival, departure and excursion transfers by using the traffic management tool of nsTravel. Mapping the geographical area, pickup points and the possible transfer routes. The system has the capability of suggesting the most cost effective routes automatically and improving the quality of work of the user and the effectiveness of the traffic department of the company, while eliminating at the same time the possibility of making mistakes.
    • Automatic pricing policy management, by mass updating sales pricelists based on the purchase prices.
    • Automation of the communication with suppliers for vouchers, rooming lists, confirmations etc.
    • Automatic massive registration of reservations of the Tour Operators using the import tool which automatically selects prices and performs reservations of rooms from the contracts that are entered in the system.
    • NetSemantics has developed the appropriate tool for helping the company design and manage local excursions, specifically covering the complexity of the pricing policies, and collecting the money from Reps according to the various payment methods.
    • The connection of the commercial business processes with the accounting provides the ability of 2 levels control. Meanwhile, the monitoring the customers / suppliers gives the ability of multiple categorization and export of various reports on multiple levels.
    • The open items monitoring tool gives the ability to automatically combine the receivements and payments with invoices using FIFO rules or manually relating them.
    • The MIS module gives the management team the ability of exporting multi-level and multi dimensional information for all types of business activity in order to take the right decisions at the right time.
  2. Electronic Distribution through nsHub™ – XML API

    Using nsHub the products that are being managed by the company at the Backoffice inventory level (hotels, transfers, excursions, cars etc.), can be concentrated at a central hub through which the distribution at Β2Β and B2C channels is provided:

    • Either through XML API or,
    • By B2B Booking Engine platform or custom B2C site using nsTIS subsystem.

    nsHub (for high performance, high availability and security reasons) can be hosted on different from the back office Server or server farm in a Data Center and communicates seamlessly with nsTravel - Backoffice.

    nsHub also ensures:

    • The purchase of products from third party on line consolidators or channel managers & GDS, (XML in)
    • The homogenization (mapping) of the third-party products with the self-contracted products of the company

    In case you may desire the enrichment of the company’s products inventory.

  3. Platform for Online Reservations (nsTIS™)

    The nsTIS™ consists of the following:

    • B2B platform:

      • The booking engines subsystem for receiving bookings from Β2Β channels for:

        • Hotel,
        • Transfer,
        • Excursion,
        • Rent a Car,
        • Cruises,
        • Packages,
        • Air tickets etc.
      • The B2B partners information subsystem, for the bookings they have submitted, their status, their financial details and ability to cancel them.
      • Support of various payment types and integration with payment gateways
    • B2C platform:

      • Booking engines for the above products
      • Integration with CMS for customizing the appearance of B2C travel portal.
      • Integration with Social media platforms
      • Integration of the B2C site with nsTravel CRM subsystem for managing the relationship with prospect and existing customers (campaigns, newsletters, document templates, complaints, surveys, loyalty programs)
      • Support of various payment types and integration with payment gateways
    • The Destination Information System which is responsible for presenting destinations of tourism interest.
  4. Platform for selling Excursions from mobile devices

    Excursion sales representatives can perform excursion sales, with on line payments 24 hours a day through smart phones or tablet devices

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