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Online Travel Agencies

For Online Travel Agents, Netsemantics has created an integrated software platform for automating online bookings and subsequent CRM and back office operations:

  1. nsHub XML in consolidation and XML out API for electronic distribution:

    • Consolidation and mapping of travel products (Air tickets, Hotels, Cars, Excursions, Transfers, Cruises) of various third party on line suppliers & GDS (XML in)
    • Integration and mapping of third-party products with your own products. Static data management and mapping
    • Disposal of company’s inventory in the Β2Β & Β2C channels, according to the company’s commercial policy (XML Out Web services API)
    • Automatic registration of bookings into suppliers platforms
    • Automatic bidirectional communication with nsTravel back office for bookings download and commercial policy upload
    • Creation of a distribution hub (server farm) hosted in data center so as to ensure the quality of service (high load of users, high availability, fast response, security, etc) .
    • The interconnection of the CRM processes with the Travel Portal through XML web services API. So CRM becomes a valuable tool through which the company ensures the live communication with the customer.
    • Using the nsHub XML out API, a company can develop custom travel portal using its own development team.
  2. Platform for Online Reservations – Internet Booking Engine (nsTIS™)

    The nsTIS™ subsystem is directly linked to the nsHub XML out API for incorporating the features of nsHub described above and consists of the following:

    • B2B platform:

      • The internet booking engines subsystem for receiving bookings from Β2Β customers for:

        • Hotel,
        • Transfer,
        • Excursion,
        • Rent a Car,
        • Cruises,
        • Packages,
        • Air tickets etc.
      • The B2B partners information subsystem, for the bookings they have submitted, their status, their financial details and ability to cancel them.
      • Support of various payment types and integration with payment gateways
    • B2C platform:

      • Internet Booking engines for the above products
      • Integration with CMS for customizing the appearance of B2C travel portal.
      • Integration with Social media platforms
      • Integration of the B2C site with nsCRM subsystem for managing the relationship with prospect and existing customers
      • Support of various payment types and integration with payment gateways
    • B2E (Business to Employee) platform:

      • Booking engines for the above products accessible from the company’s sales staff
  3. nsTravel CRM

    • Subscription to newsletters
    • Document Template design
    • Customer profiling and segmentation
    • Design and run of marketing campaigns, with dynamic creation of lists based on the data of Back office & CRM
    • Workflows for communication with customers
    • Management of Loyalty programs
    • Management of service requests and complaints
    • Dynamic questionnaires
    • CRM & Google analytics integration. The ability to integrate data from the Google analytics to the data of CRM&ERP helps the company to evaluate the effectiveness of its online presence.
  4. nsTravel backoffice:

    • Management of inventory (contracted – own products) and wholesalers channel management (XML in Sources consolidation – buy products from wholesalers)
    • Accounts Receivable - Accounts Payable
    • Price Catalogs
    • Sales Invoicing and Cost Control
    • Funds management (treasury, checks, bank accounts, credit cards)
    • Booking management for

      • AirTickets
      • Hotels,
      • Rental cars
      • Transfers
      • Cruises
      • Packages
      • Various other services.
    • GDS Interfaces (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan etc.) for importing issued tickets
    • BSP Reconciliation
    • Document management – Microsoft Outlook Integration
    • Financial Management
      • General Ledger
      • Cost Centers
      • Fixed Assets
      • Automated Issue of Checks
      • Payment proposal
      • Open items monitoring
      • Debt collection
    • Work in an integrated environment, where all users can work on the same application and use one unified database which contains all the necessary information for the daily operations.
    • Single data entry, since data entered in the system (either static data or pricing and availability) serves both the Back Office and the Front Office Functions.
    • Automatic pricing policy management, by mass updating sales pricelists based on the purchase prices.
    • Automation of the communication with suppliers for vouchers, rooming lists, confirmations etc
    • Reduction of the manuscript work, since the Back Office system contains pre-configured business flows, automate invoice and travel documents preparation and electronic transmission to customers.
    • The automation of the accounting entries along with multiple report controls, eliminate the possibility of mistakes from the users.
    • Reduction of internal control time, since the information is readily available to all relevant departments.
    • The open items monitoring tool gives the ability to automatically combine the receivements and payments with invoices using FIFO rules or manually relating them.
    • The MIS module gives the management team the ability of exporting multi-level and multi dimensional information for all types of business activity in order to take the right decisions at the right time.

    The automation of business processes that is achieved through the unified platform has as purpose:

    • The reduction of the operational costs.
    • The increase of customer satisfaction with personalized approaching.
    • The automation of the daily work of the staff.
    • The better information flow and coordination of the departments.
    • The more effective information of the management team, for taking the right decisions at the right time.

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