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Who we are

NetSemantics was founded with the mission to provide innovative business software solutions and high quality consulting services for the travel and tourism industry.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we created and continuously develop and evolve innovative and comprehensive business software products, based on the top trends of the market, covering the majority of the tourism sectors (Incoming Travel Agents & Destination Management Companies - DMCs, Outgoing Travel Agents & Tour Operators, Online Travel Agents - OTAs, Wholesalers, Bus Companies).

Our Team combines a strong technical background with the extensive knowledge of the best practices and business processes involved in the tourism product lifecycle.

Our procedures are ISO 9001:2008 certified in order to ensure high quality services.

It’s our commitment to deliver high quality services and software solutions aiming to build and preserve a relationship of mutual trust and appreciation with our customers.

Our Products & Services

Our products and services ensure the best terms of ROI helping our customers to improve and automate their daily business operations, to access and analyze their data, to distribute their products via online systems and third party channels. The combination of all the above constitutes the strategic advantage that ensures their predominance in the competitive and continuously evolving field of the tourism and travel industry.

netsemantics integrated software platform for tourism and travel agencies

We provide the following Products & Servicesfor the Travel Industry:

ERP Software System

CRM Software System with Google Analytics Integration

MIS & Business Intelligence Solution

Mobile applications for online bookings

Inventory Management

Collection of tourism products from third party electronic distribution channels (XML In interfaces)

Distribution of tourism products to third party electronic distribution channels (XML API)

Online Booking Engines: B2B, B2C, B2E for your sales staff

Content Management Solutions (CMS) for B2C web development / [or] custom website

Added value consulting services and business process reengineering studies for ensuring the efficient parameterization of our platform at your exact business needs. Undertake customized software development for covering specialized needs and offer the required support services for handling any issue you may have.

Why with us

We are proud to say that “We have a global view for the travel organizations“ and the way that they are making business in the industry. Our products and professional services can strengthen your organization with a smooth transition from “As Is” to “To Be”.

  • We assist your company for obtaining a more efficient & automated business organization model under our software platform , aiming to increase sales reducing concurrently the operational costs.
  • We configure and adjust our business software based on your business needs , aiming to make it easy, flexible and upgradable.
  • We ensure innovative promotion channels for your products, both from your online system and through connection with other distribution networks.
  • We provide you the ability to take advantage of your own data , in order to take the right decision on the right moment.
  • We offer comprehensive state-of-the-art technology software solutions, thus guaranteeing reliability and speed, as well as securing your investment from technological depreciation.

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