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nsHUB™ XML consolidator & XML API

nsHUB™ is a mechanism that aims to establish communication between geographically distributed heterogeneous systems and to create a centralized hub where tourism products and data will be collected and distributed. It enables data collection and wide distribution, so that it can support different operational models of tourism products’ electronic distribution.


nsHUB™ secures the communication from and to third party tourism product distribution systems, through XML Out API (Sales) and XML Interface – In (Purchase).
The nsHUB™ XML Out API addresses those organizations that wish to allocate their products inventory (their own or of others) to a wider clientele network B2B and / or B2C, already active in various travel services. It operates either online on real time or offline (push), based on the systems each partner uses.
Additionally, it is able to apply business rules and allow central management for the integrated products such as: pricing policy management, priority to products of a specific supplier, credit limits etc. The central management takes place through the nsTravel ™ and from one single place, regardless of the number of suppliers and the system’s complexity. This makes management extremely easy and reduces needed resources.
The nsHUB™ XML Interface – In allows connections with distribution channels that offer a wide range of travel products. It addresses to those organizations that wish to enrich their inventory with an array of products in competitive prices. NetSemantics S.A. has created connections with companies that boast a longstanding presence in the field of e-commerce for tourism products, and continuously develops new connections.
Travel companies, through the nsHUB™ XML Out API can also create their custom B2C travel portal.
nsHUB™ can support many types of products, like Accommodation, Air Tickets, Travel Packages, Transfers, Rental Cars, Excursions, Cruises etc. and apply various commercial policies.

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nsHUB™ combined with nsTravel™ (Back office) and nsTIS™ (Front office) enables travel agencies to participate in electronic distribution networks, by ensuring:

The quality of services rendered and the security that data centers can ensure at a relatively low cost.
The automation of the implementation procedures for commercial policy, data transfer etc.
Single data entry in the system and use both in back office and front office.
Full control over the financial transactions clearing.


This software’s main features are the following:

Bidirectional communication

Transparent bidirectional communication between the subsystems of clients and suppliers of nsTIS™ (Front office) and nsTravel ™ (Back office).

Central Inventory

Ability to create a central warehouse of products (hosted in data centers) of own production or from various third party suppliers.

Create dynamic packages

Ability to create dynamic packages from products of different suppliers.

Monitoring & Alert

Ability to monitor (Monitoring & Alert) in real time the operation of the individual nodes of the system.

Core features

  • Network Fault tolerant
  • Compression
  • ADSL Line optimized
  • Cashing
  • Logging

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