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nsTravel™ - ERP

nsTravel™ is an integrated back office software platform with ERP features and operation that fully covers the needs of a modern travel agency or tour operator. By automating and monitoring all its operations this program becomes a valuable tool of administrative information and control.

The nsTravel™ is addressed to any travel agency size, regardless of its operation field within the Tourism Industry and features the following:


Its environment is simple, functional and compatible with the standards and the operations applied by Microsoft Windows and Office.


Can be fully adjusted to the particularities of each company and the users’ working environment.

State-of-the-art technology

Its design is based on the n-tier architecture and uses the latest versions of Microsoft SQL server and .Net Framework.

Multi-branch, multi-currency, multi-language support

Advanced security mechanisms

Access restrictions to data and system operations can be applied according to authorization level of each user.

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The advantages of the nsTravel™- ERP are summarized below:

Productivity - Automation

The implementation and operation of the nsTravel™ secures optimum flow and execution of the daily work through various automations, organization and cooperation between departments, as well as the provision of structured information in real time, efficiently contributing to the decrease of operational costs and the increase of the company’s efficiency.


The nsTravel™ features pre-configured models of operational processes that cover every activity aspect within the tourism industry. Through these models the software’s adjustment to the needs of a typical travel organization is immediate, thus minimizing the installation time and the productive operation of the system.


The nsTravel™ is based on a modular architecture, enabling the travel organization to choose only those modules that apply to its needs at a low purchase cost. The installation of additional modules is feasible at any time if deemed necessary by the company.

nsTravel™ modules

The nsTravel™ as analyzed in the table below, consists of a main body, the operation modules and the financial management modules. The main body (core) fully covers the basic commercial procedures of a tourism organization, while with the right choice of additional operational modules the appropriate implementation is achieved, always taking into consideration the sector or sectors where the company operates.

Start up modules Optional modules
Core modules
Products & Services
Accounts management
Accounts receivable
Accounts payable
Price catalogs
Reservation Files
Sales invoices
Purchase invoices & cost control
Cash management
Check management
Treasury management
Bank management
Credit card reconciliation
Operation modules
Outgoing operation management
Incoming Operation - Import Manager
Inventory management - contracting
Traffic Management
Excursion Management
Ticketing (Air)
Ticketing (Boat)
Charter Management
GDS Interfaces (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan etc)
BSP Management
Document management – Microsoft Outlook Integration
Fax Automation
Financial Modules
General accounting
Cost centers
Fixed assets
Checks writing
Payment proposal
Open Items
Debt Collection
Congress Modules
Registrations & congress reservations
Sponsorship management
Conference Evaluation
Scientific program & Secretarial Support
Document template management
Βus Management module
GSA Ticketing module
MIS – Business Intelligence

By choosing nsTravel™ ...

You will have a versatile and modern ERP and CRM system, tailor-made to the needs of the Tourism Industry, at a premium price. The option to choose among various modules at any given time makes nsTravel™ a valuable partner for the growth of your company.

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