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Business Consulting

NetSemantics S.A. boasts a thorough knowledge in the sectors of Tourism and IT, as well as in the contemporary marketing methods and it’s in position to offer comprehensive high added value consulting services to companies active in the Tourism Industry. NetSemantics offers comprehensive consulting services for your company’s adjustment to the philosophy of e-entrepreneurship in the levels below. Also, offers you the necessary know-how and guiding to redesign and optimize your operational procedures, by achieving immediate benefits in the following areas:


We channel the integration of your operational procedures with the e-distribution processes, securing the achievement of economies of scale and the decrease of operational costs.


We consult and update you on every technical matter, related to your field of online operations.

Better use of resources

The analysis and redesign of every process lead to the optimum HR and equipment management, achieving a reduction of the operational costs through economies of scale.

Reduce the procedures’ design time

The redesign of the operational procedures tracks down all those that are repeated and overlapped, dramatically reducing their implementation time and consequently increasing productivity.

Reduce bureaucracy

Through the rationalization of the business processes we have a better management and flow of incoming and outgoing documents and the company’s IT systems are fully utilized.


The registration and management of the operational procedures lead to their easy adjustment to any probable revision, satisfying the need of modern businesses to be flexible to any opportunity and any challenge that may arise.