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Project Implementation

Our high quality project implementation services are the result of our thorough knowledge upon the operational procedures of the tourism industry, as well as of the technological innovation and versatility of our specialized software systems. NetSemantics has a proven longstanding experience in the implementation of projects for travel agencies and groups of various sizes, securing immediate results for your investment on our software systems (ROI).

Our main services during the implementation of a project are:

Project Management

Project Management during the implementation of the project, aiming to achieve the optimum and fastest installation of our software in your company.

Re-Engineering of the operational procedures

Re-Engineering of the operational procedures of your company, with the help of specialized consultants, so that the solution provided can reinforce the efficiency and the level of information given to your staff. We mutually set the goals and design the way they will be implemented.

Impeccable adjustment

Impeccable adjustment of your business procedures to our software. Our products’ core integrates a comprehensive business model with optimum practices, fully adjustable to your activities field within the tourism industry.

Connection nsTravel™, nsTIS™, nsHUB™

Connection of nsTravel™ and nsTIS™ through nsHUB™ with your partners’ systems, aiming to achieve easy data exchange and simplification of your corporate procedures.

Data migration

Data migration from your previous IT system, aiming to preserve the collected corporate knowledge.

Personnel training

Personnel training upon real operational procedures scenarios, before and during (on the job training) the operation of our products.